Safety tips when driving to Malaysia

Monday | 26/12/2022

With our borders opening up finally after covid, thousands of people will be planning a trip to drive over to Malaysia. We have arranged


Wednesday | 21/12/2022

 Christmas is a time for celebration but is also a potentially dangerous period. Many of the things we enjoy over the Christmas period, such

How many fire extinguisher should I have?

Sunday | 02/10/2022

The number of fire extinguisher you need depends on your needs. The typical rule for thumb is that a fire extinguisher should be within

Singapore Fire Statistics 2021

Tuesday | 30/08/2022

Do you know there is an average of 5 fire calls attended by SCDF everyday in 2021? In addition, most of it occurs in

Know your Fire Extinguisher

Tuesday | 30/08/2022

Wood, Paper, Textile, Flammable liquid and Electrical fire are the most common type of fires that occur in home. Dry Powder Fire extinguisher offer

Essential of First Aid Box/kit

Tuesday | 30/08/2022

What should I keep in my first aid kit? It’s important to have a well-stocked first aid kit in your home so you can