Safety tips when driving to Malaysia

Monday | 26/12/2022

With our borders opening up finally after covid, thousands of people will be planning a trip to drive over to Malaysia. We have arranged and compiled some safety tips for you when travelling to Malaysia.

  1. Phone Data and GPS
    Also ensure you already bought data to use in Malaysia so you will always have your GPS on and will be able to call for help during emergency.
  2. Steering wheel lock (For those who drives in)
    For those who drive in, it is advisable to bring along a steering wheel lock. The purpose is to deter potential car theft and make your car a less likely chosen target.
  3. Leave your valuables at home
    Before your trip to Malaysia, it is advisable to keep most of your valuables at home and just bring the necessary. Bags, shopping bags left inside the car can be a potential target for theft and robbery.
  4. Emergency equipments
    Ensure you have the necessary emergency equipments in your car or backpack when travelling. These includes things like medications, first aid kit, hazard sign (Car), Fire extinguisher (Car), LED lights and portable locks. We sell most of it on our website and you can also easily find them on platforms such as Shopee or Lazada.

With all these safety tips, common sense should be applied in all cases. If an area seems shady or dodgy, you may choose to avoid and reselect a position to shop or park. Also, keep the valuables out of sight at all times and do not attract unnecessary attention to yourself.