Fire extinguisher should be checked monthly and serviced yearly. The monthly check can be just ensuring that it looks good visually and the arrow in the pressure gauge is still pointing at the green zone. Alestair helps provide an affordable and worry-free yearly check with our subscription model.

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Just bring along your fire extinguisher and keep us updated through our email: Alestairsg@gmail.com. There will be no extra charges if you are shifting within Singapore main island.

Our extinguisher are bought and serviced locally from approved SETSCO and TUV-SUD suppliers which are list on SCDF/TUV-SUD website.

Fire extinguisher has been serving the community well for years, in fact it remains as a must have fire fighting equipment in almost all emergency services and is required by law to have it in your workplace.

Aerosol can can prove to have some danger as the distance to operate it is relatively much nearer as compared to fire extinguisher. For most civilians who are not very well trained in fire fighting, it will pose some risk to fight fire at such a near distance.

There has been some research done on this topic. Do head to our blog for more details!

We covers 5 years manufacturer warranty for any factory defects or any accidental discharge of pressure. Fire extinguisher also should be serviced regularly and still in valid service period when warranty claim occurs.

Intentional testing or discharge of fire extinguisher will not be entitled to warranty claim. The safety pin and seal serve as proof that the extinguisher has not been tampered or used with.

If it is used in any fire emergency, please send a picture of the incident after, and we will gladly top up for you free of charge.