Safety tips when driving to Malaysia

Monday | 26/12/2022

With our borders opening up finally after covid, thousands of people will be planning a trip to drive over to Malaysia. We have arranged


Wednesday | 21/12/2022

 Christmas is a time for celebration but is also a potentially dangerous period. Many of the things we enjoy over the Christmas period, such

How many fire extinguisher should I have?

Sunday | 02/10/2022

The number of fire extinguisher you need depends on your needs. The typical rule for thumb is that a fire extinguisher should be within

Places to Keep Fire Extinguishers Around Your Home

Thursday | 29/09/2022

Kitchen It’s understandable why kitchens are one of the rooms in any home where fire extinguishers are most frequently seen. The primary source of

What to do in the event of a fire at home?

Thursday | 29/09/2022

If there’s a fire, you need to act quickly. Make sure you are prepared and that everyone in your house knows exactly what to

Fire Extinguisher VS Aerosol

Tuesday | 30/08/2022

https://www.consumerreports.org/cro/news/2013/04/an-aerosol-fire-spray-is-no-substitute-for-a-fire-extinguisher/index.htm With their low prices and ease of use, aerosol fire sprays are a tempting purchase. But the sprays are no substitute for a