Singapore Fire Statistics 2021

Tuesday | 30/08/2022

Do you know there is an average of 5 fire calls attended by SCDF everyday in 2021? In addition, most of it occurs in residential premises where it is supposed to be our safe haven.

Contrary to a lot of disbelief, not all residential fire are caused by Personal Mobility Device (PMD). Most of them are due to unattended cooking, followed by electrical and household contents. The number of electrical fires rose slightly by 2.7% to 192 cases in 2021. The majority of these fires were typically caused by electrical faults in wirings or electrical appliances or due to the overloading of electrical sockets.

Fires involving PABs and PMDs are only about 50 cases in 2021.

Unattended cooking fire from pot and stove can be easily extinguished by covering the lid, using fire blanket, or in worst case scenario using a dry powder fire extinguisher. By the way, we sell them at great value, =). Electrical fire are also best fight with a dry powder fire extinguisher and we do recommend a minimal of 2KG size for house on every level.

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*Note: All charts are taken from SCDF website: https://www.scdf.gov.sg/docs/default-source/scdf-library/amb-fire-inspection-statistics/scdf-annual-statistics-2021.pdf