SCDF Listed Wifi Smoke detector EN1460


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SCDF Listed supplier for Home Fire Alarm Device

Our Smoke Detector is meant to detect thick smoke.

Thus, it is not highly sensitive to detect cigarette smoke.

This product is also known as the Home Fire Alarm Device (HFAD) which was made mandatory to be installed in new homes from June 2018 under the new Fire Code.

Key Features

– CE Certified

– Tested following EN14604

– TUV certified – Battery Included

– Early warning system

– Economically priced & User Friendly

– Easy to test; just press the test button

– Wifi link. Notify you of fire even when you not at home

– Small and sleek

– Loud alarm >85 dBa

– 6 months warranty


Install smoke alarms near bedrooms – high on a wall or ceiling

Do not install smoke alarms near air vents

Do not install on the ceiling directly above frying pans in the kitchen

Test smoke alarms at least once a month to ensure they work

6 months


ISO 1348 Certified Premium First Aid Box Office, Home, Outdoor, Workshop, Car