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The most versatile fire extinguisher. Suitable for Commercial properties, construction sites, warehouses and private properties.

Protect your properties and love ones today!

All our fire extinguisher comes with SETSCO label.

We work with suppliers whose products follow very strictly to Singapore Fire Code.


What type of fire can I use this fire extinguisher for?

Class A
Combustible fires such as wood, newspaper, books, tyres, plastics, etc.

Class B
Flammable liquids such as small amounts of paint and cooking oil.

Class C
Gas fires from your cooking gas. Note: Turn off the gas before fighting fire*

Class E
Electric fires. Note: Turn off the electricity before fighting fire*



This product complies to the stringent Singapore EN3 Fire Extinguisher Standards.

EN 3-7 Portable fire extinguishers Characteristics, performance requirements and test methods inclusive of :

  • Fire Test Performance
  • Duration of discharge
  • Dielectric Test (Safe to use on electrical sources up to 1000v at min range of 1m)
  • Resistance to Corrosion

EN 3-8 Portable fire extinguishers Construction, resistance to pressure and mechanical tests for extinguishers

  • Pressure test (Cylinder shall not show signs of damage at 143% pressure)
  • Pressure Burst test (Cylinder shall not burst at 270% allowable pressure)
  • Mechanical Crush test

We covers 5 years manufacturer warranty for any factory defects or any accidental discharge of pressure. Intentional testing or discharge of fire extinguisher will not be entitled to warranty claim.

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